Scrum Master/Project Manager

Scrum Master/Project Manager

Job Details

Industry: Scrum Master/Project Manager

Role: Scrum Master/Project Manager

Location: Hyderabad DLF

Experience: 10+ years

Required Skills:


Contact Email:

Mobile: 040 - 48 49 50 51

Job Description:


  • We are seeking an experience Scrum Master with a project management background to supervise and support a team in its transition to Agile and Scrum. Responsibilities
  • Facilitate Scrum meetings (daily standups, Sprint planning, retrospectives)
  • Keep track on progress and make sure information flows between the team and the stakeholders
  • Act and advise proactively to remove the impediments that prevent the team from achieving its goals
  • FactSet Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Work alongside the scrum masters on other site to ensure team synchronicity and its shared understanding of the process
  • Coaching & helping teams to move from a pure waterfall model into agile way of thinking


  • Be able to garner respect from the team and be willing to get their hands dirty
  • Be able to communicate well with team and create an environment of trust
  • Be able to lead the team to self-organization
  • Continually be growing oneís craft, learning new tools and techniques to manage oneself and the team
  • Be a Scrum ambassador, willing to ensure Scrum concepts and principles are adhered to, and be the voice of reason and authority
  • Desire to bring disclosure and transparency and grow business trust
  • Be able to work alongside scrum masters in remote location and create a trusty relationship with them


  • MCA, B tech or any Engineering Background
  • Experience of 10+ years in Software industry
  • Experience of at least 4+ yrs. of Agile project management experience
  • Experience in using Jira and other Agile development tools
  • Experienced in working with globally spread cross-functional and multicultural teams
  • Able to do excellent demos/presentations,
  • Experience in managing onshore/offshore teams,
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Understand fundamentals of iterative development
  • Understand fundamentals of software development and processes
  • Understand incremental deliveries and value of metrics
  • Understand backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity and task definition
  • Familiar with common agile practices, service-oriented environments
  • Certified Scrum Master is a plus

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